Thursday, June 2, 2011

Selling vintage by the flower side

Prepping and packing up for my big debut at Relles Florist.
Now to get this out of the house , and into the car.

 To pile or not to pile. Luckily I had my man muscles to help me load an unload.
We had to be quick because he had to be at his own Second Saturday shindig in a matter of moments.
 How did I end up with all of this? Its not only about the clothes. Atmosphere and personal flair needs to be added to my little pop up shop.
 We're here!
 My cozy corner.
 Just a few moments after set up, I had my first customer.
I was so excited and nervous as she was shopping .
I felt like this was a first date.
 SOLD! She loved it immediately. Moments later she came running back with dollars in her hand, and the dress on. She told me she is going to wear her newly purchased Equine Bovine dress all night.
 Can I please tell you that this is perfect place to be on Second Saturday?
 Sara, my sister, my friend forever. She might make cracks at my Laura Ingalls dresses, or my funky Friday night attire and add  "what the hell are you wearing".  But this girl, has my back. She supports me to no end and secretly wants to wear one of my prairie dresses.

 My sweet Lisa. I met her at Magpie last year. Every Saturday, she brings me the Wall Street Journal fashion section. As she sits at the bar , sipping her coffee we swoon over the newly crafted clothing being shown. This girl has a eye for great beauty, as she is a beauty herself!

 Bella browsing to see what will strike her fancy. Next to her was a troubled customers. She didnt know which one to buy, because she loved them both! I gave her a great deal and she walked away with two new gifts for her niece.
 She scooped up a super cute green mini skirt.
Hey Cowgirl! 
 I love this belt buckle. It was one of my faves for a long time. Time to pass it on .
 Belts, bags and skulls. 
Check out my boot fringes! Hand made by my friend Sadie Deluxe.
On a side note, Joe and I are planning a road trip at the end of this summer.
Of course I am already planning on what to wear. These boot fringes will be around my ankles each time time I put on my boots to roam the desert of Arizona, or stroll along a stream in Montana.
 Queen of the night. Alicia coordinated this very successful  event.
 A gift and a kiss from Equine Bovine.

Forever thankyou to all that offered me deep love and support.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

I love these photos. It was so much fun! I hope you sell at the next one!

Sadie Rose said...

eeeeek i am so glad you have the fringies!! pop-up shop sounds like endless fun. xoxo

Clare said...

Whoo-hoo! Good for you, girl. I'm that I can't reach through the computer screen and flip through your dresses, it looks like you have a great selection. Your customers look very happy.

I hear ya about sisters. One of my sisters and I are opposites in every way, but we have each other's back like it's nobody's business.

I hope your business keeps booming,
Take Care,

Porkchop Rules said...

I man I really wish I could have gone! Happy customers! Great Job!

flaming hag folkwear said...

i wish i could have come and bought up a bunch of that lovely loot! your presentation is awesome, so much in line with c&c ;)
miss you!

Kerry said...

It was crazy fun! I was high from purchases, flowers and housemade appetizers being served. awesome. happy sunday babes!

Milla said...

Ooh, Kerry! What a fun time! I'm impressed with your jump into this beautiful venture and how good your stuff looks. I can't wait to shop it some fine day ;D Friends, family and folk in all seem very happy with your amazing, colorful inventory. Yaayy!