Sunday, September 30, 2012

she's running fast, low and dry.

Oh it's been so hot. I feel like I might loose my Autumn to this attention hog Summer. The days ahead are still going to be in the upper 90s , so I decided instead of shaking my fist at this never ending heat, I should embrace it and what it has to offer. So we peeled ourselves away from the Niners game (they slaughtered and won) and went to the river. Between the towns of Pilot Hill and Coloma lies our favorite river spot. This area is known for rafting and kayak launch, but if you hike on past that for about a mile you come upon an area that rarely sees more than a few people.
The earth below my feet felt so hot. She too was feeling weary of this long summer. As we walked the trail , I scouted for any sign of new blooms, watched dragonflies and sharply enhaled the harsh dry air into my lungs.
Finally, hooray! We barley settled in before we cannon-balled into the sweet , sweet American River.
Once my body leaves the city and steps back into the mountains I realize how wound up I am every day.
The wonderful pressure of clean air and the cradling of a canyon with her rushing water, quickly
softens  my thoughts and heart.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If Kip says it's okay..

I resisted giving into a DVD player, and I sure as hell don't want Blue Ray.
I think touch screen anything is super sketchy and I am still very bugged out that people don't buy CDs or Records anymore.  
One thing, I had to finally suck up and do is start an online Etsy shop for my little collection of vintage treausures to help us out financially.
As the years go on , people are shopping less at brick and mortar stores and moving to online.It has taken me a long time to come to terms with this and accept that is where we are headed. I will stand right now and think online shopping is not for me. It  takes  away from the dollars of our local businesses. It detaches us with humans interaction and weakens our socialization with each other. I also don't care for the dependence on only buying online. What would happen we were cut off? Who carries what you need? Oh, I guess it would be Walmart or some scary super store.
Okay, okay time to evolve with the turn of the times. But I still miss my green pager, land line telephone and my awesome CD collection.
I'm gonna see where this takes me. Hopefully I will get nice n' cozy with the new change and have alot for you to shop. Until then....check it!

 These items will be up this week!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dave Gahans DNA & Me

 Yesterday Kara pulled out a box of fringe, leather, studs and lots of history to go along with it all.
I instantly could'nt concentrate on what she was saying because I was freaking out! All of my loves in one medium carrier box just sitting there waiting to be played in.  I could barely wipe the sweat off my brow and ask where all these treasures came from . She told me that some of these belonged to a friend of hers in LA that was married to an uber hot rock star, and she wants her to sell them online for her. Once upon a time, a long time ago these vests belonged to and were sweated in by Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode. I know. W.T.F.
 Vintage Agatha vest. It looked smokin' hot on Kara!
side note: I am growing out my bangs. This should be an interesting and akward few months.
This reminds me of the Motley Crue 'to fast for love' album cover!
Aaand, here she is. The vest I am going to donate an organ for. A vintage Red Balls on Fire. A leather studded dream.


I realized yesterday that I have'nt listened to Depeche Mode in a very long time. So I went home last night and revisted some of my old favorites. Depeche Mode was one of my favorite tapes to listen to when I first got my license and would drive down to San Francisco. They were also a guarentee spider dance when I would go to Goth Night at Bojangles or The Amazon..Aaah, the good ol' goth days. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

she's a burnout

I recently have been thifting alot of black lately. But not just any black. Black velvet, black mesh, black flax,black fringe. black black black black.
As much as I loooove to wear psychedely prints, my true heart is black. Well not literally but I do love to wear the color.
With my new little maxi number, I am wearing my favorite necklace. I feel like I have about 8 billion pieces of neck jewelry, but she is the one I always gravitate to. Dig it? I do!

Also, we got a new vintage store in town kids! Its called Racks Vintage. The shop lies on 24th & R right next to ye' olde Round Corner Bar. I went there the other night and picked up these rockin' shoes. They are a size to big for me, but who cares! They are leather platform goodness with wood soles!

Wearing all black in the summer always feel so silly to me. As if being an Irish wench living in the valley is not torture enough, but then I go ahead and pile some black clothing on my back!! Eh, who cares. Pain is beauty, beauty is pain. Tomato-Tomato. Maybe one day I will be featured in 'goths in hot weather' A pasty broad like myself can only dream!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Maiden Marysville

Here she was, August 4th. The night of Iron Maiden. Our friend Fred safetly drove Joe , Guido and myself up to Marysville so we can get down with the classics and enjoy a night of pure evil!

I had so much fun. That night was full of 'Bs'. No, not bullshit. But a night of beer, bad words, babes, bros, black and bitchinlightingstorms. 
We hung out in the parking lot as the opening band played their set. I usually like to see all the bands and scope out any new possibly tunes. But to be apart of a heavy metal parking lot, took precedence over that before another rocker could yell "slaaayyyyerrr!!" The boys slowly sipped their champagne of beers and chatted about their past Iron Maiden shows and favorite records. I couldn't help myself but try to take pictures of people. 
I either suck, or my camera does. Because, all my pictures came out blurry. That's okay, it just adds the drama to the night!


Pre-show beverages.
Fans or band sluts? I would like to think a little of both.
50 Watt Heavy representin'!
Swollen sky.

Anxious fans check out the merch from the tree top.
Everyone wanted a piece of Maiden merchandise. It was a total bummer to see that alot of it was sold out  before the show! 

Joe just lounging, waiting for a good time.

I developed such a crush on Eddie.
I would say, this is one of my favorite pictures ever. 

Post show rain storm hang out sesh.
Guidos OG Iron Maiden Tee.

Thanks to Fred for being our designated driver, to Guido for the gift of Iron Maiden tickets, to Joe for his cut off vest,  for Maiden rocking my socks off and to Eddie because he stole my heart.

"Scream for me Sacramento!!!!"

Friday, August 10, 2012

studs and stripes

I got the opportunity to tend such a beautiful urban garden and landscape last week. Also, I was in charge of Jax the Great! He helped me water the plants, showed me some new rolling tricks and also gave me a scare by not coming home right away! 
Did you just fell in love with Jax and now fear you won't see be able to know what he is doing or forget what kind of cuteness he has?! Don't worry my friends, Jax has his own Facebook page.  

Among the kitty snuggles and plant admiring, I thought I would take pictures of my rad striped shorts!