Friday, August 17, 2012

Maiden Marysville

Here she was, August 4th. The night of Iron Maiden. Our friend Fred safetly drove Joe , Guido and myself up to Marysville so we can get down with the classics and enjoy a night of pure evil!

I had so much fun. That night was full of 'Bs'. No, not bullshit. But a night of beer, bad words, babes, bros, black and bitchinlightingstorms. 
We hung out in the parking lot as the opening band played their set. I usually like to see all the bands and scope out any new possibly tunes. But to be apart of a heavy metal parking lot, took precedence over that before another rocker could yell "slaaayyyyerrr!!" The boys slowly sipped their champagne of beers and chatted about their past Iron Maiden shows and favorite records. I couldn't help myself but try to take pictures of people. 
I either suck, or my camera does. Because, all my pictures came out blurry. That's okay, it just adds the drama to the night!


Pre-show beverages.
Fans or band sluts? I would like to think a little of both.
50 Watt Heavy representin'!
Swollen sky.

Anxious fans check out the merch from the tree top.
Everyone wanted a piece of Maiden merchandise. It was a total bummer to see that alot of it was sold out  before the show! 

Joe just lounging, waiting for a good time.

I developed such a crush on Eddie.
I would say, this is one of my favorite pictures ever. 

Post show rain storm hang out sesh.
Guidos OG Iron Maiden Tee.

Thanks to Fred for being our designated driver, to Guido for the gift of Iron Maiden tickets, to Joe for his cut off vest,  for Maiden rocking my socks off and to Eddie because he stole my heart.

"Scream for me Sacramento!!!!"


Teeny said...

Hehe. That sky is pretty awesome. Your concert pics made me feel like I was 17 again....a good thing! Not cause i ever went to see Iron Maiden, but because of the vibe of the pics. awesome.

Equine Bovine said...

HA! I totally felt that way too, Teeny. I also felt like my husband looked like some kind of skater rocker rat from the 80s in his ensemble..I couldn't keep up the rockin' tho, I had to sit down a few times . hehe