Friday, August 10, 2012

studs and stripes

I got the opportunity to tend such a beautiful urban garden and landscape last week. Also, I was in charge of Jax the Great! He helped me water the plants, showed me some new rolling tricks and also gave me a scare by not coming home right away! 
Did you just fell in love with Jax and now fear you won't see be able to know what he is doing or forget what kind of cuteness he has?! Don't worry my friends, Jax has his own Facebook page.  

Among the kitty snuggles and plant admiring, I thought I would take pictures of my rad striped shorts!


flaming hag folkwear said...

now there's one job possibility for you: pet and garden sitter! maybe you can find some super rich clients who travel a lot.... ;)

moonshinejunkyard said...

frick that's a cute outfit.

and jax...what a man! i deal with not-coming-home-right-away scares way too often, especially with wild predators on the loose in our hood. the kids are in by 5 pm these days.

Milla said...

sweet duds. and gratuitous kitty photos are always appreciated. that garden is awesome and i would totally second nicole's motion ;)

hobieluv83 said...

I met Jax in the alley behind Crimson a few weeks ago. I did not know he belonged to the store! He was a very friendly cat who tried to follow me to my car and enjoyed belly rubs.