Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If Kip says it's okay..

I resisted giving into a DVD player, and I sure as hell don't want Blue Ray.
I think touch screen anything is super sketchy and I am still very bugged out that people don't buy CDs or Records anymore.  
One thing, I had to finally suck up and do is start an online Etsy shop for my little collection of vintage treausures to help us out financially.
As the years go on , people are shopping less at brick and mortar stores and moving to online.It has taken me a long time to come to terms with this and accept that is where we are headed. I will stand right now and think online shopping is not for me. It  takes  away from the dollars of our local businesses. It detaches us with humans interaction and weakens our socialization with each other. I also don't care for the dependence on only buying online. What would happen we were cut off? Who carries what you need? Oh, I guess it would be Walmart or some scary super store.
Okay, okay time to evolve with the turn of the times. But I still miss my green pager, land line telephone and my awesome CD collection.
I'm gonna see where this takes me. Hopefully I will get nice n' cozy with the new change and have alot for you to shop. Until then....check it!

 These items will be up this week!



Teeny said...

I adore both of the blue items....and the orange and peach dresses. I agree with you, brick and mortar is better and I totally support where I can. Especially second hand. I personally love the people contact the market provides me, love it. Glad your stuff will at least me accessible to me should i love it so much as to fit and buy it online though! x

anne said...

hahaha! kip rules. peath out!

well...i still buy cd's AND records. used cd's on amazon rule. they're so cheap! anyhoo, i'm off to check out your shop! and don't be jealous cuz i've been chatting on line with hot babes all day.

Nichole said...

cool! i'm looking forward to it! and of course will stop by the shop whenever i'm town (my parents live in sacramento, so i'm there 2 or 3 times a year).