Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yield to the Caterpillars

Whistlin' and a strollin' along the American River again. 
My eyes are wide open for birds , and maybe a wild beast up in there trees.
 Hark! There lies a wild forager, waiting to poison any predator that gets in its way.
"You can't see me!"
  Oh yes I can! 
Getting down in the dirt , it was confirmed that this was a full grown caterpillar.

One thing I learned when I would  observe mushrooms , that there is a party of fungi and friends below our feet. For once, we just gotta look down.
This little bugger was traveling mighty fast. Maybe to find a home of its own to lay down its pokies and pupate?
  With a  belly full of Pipevine he will bravely seek a place of rest.

 Oooh! Youre so pretty. Who will you be?
 I better jot down some notes. I don't want miss one squirm or smile.
Chatting with my friend Eric last night about my caterpillar encounter , he  informed me that in short time the little Caterpillar will evolve into a Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly.  After that he proceeded to unload a ton of information  about Butterflies. 
Growing up with a father that is an Entomologist can be a VERY wonderful thing.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

dang pretty little bugger! the worlds that open when you truly scope the scene.....

Porkchop Rules said...

I can hear your voice! Wow such a pretty the deep purple/blue hues. I love your lace tunic!

Milla said...

Oh you and the scenery and butterflies are so pretty! But don't give in to the tent-caterpillars. They are up to no good...

Kerry said...

heehe, totally. Looks can be sooo deceiving!

Amy Self said...

We found one down by the river. Brought it home with plans to release it. Tried every leaf in our garden. Seems they're partial only to the Pipevine plant. We'll be taking him back down to the river to set him by some Pipevine. Thanks for your blog....well done.