Saturday, May 14, 2011

Second Saturday at Relles Florist

Tonight you will enter upon a diverse group of amazing artists , musicians and people like me at Relles Florist.
My first public launch of Equine Bovine vintage. It's a little random and funky, but hey, life is random and VERY funky!
I am learning so much already!
I just invested into a steamer, which seems to work out those wrinkles beautifully. As I am steaming out the creases of my garments and giving myself a facial , I realized how poorly I took care of my clothes. Cramming, piling and putting pressure on delicate fabrics is not the best idea. I found things I couldn't sell due to buttons missing, minor tears and zippers that need to be replaced. So, now I have a pile of potentially great sales that have to be put on hold. Also, keeping the clothes away from any spot in the house that my cat could be near. I love my dear 'ol Beanie, but de-fuzzing the f*ck out of dresses can really get tiresome.  I did order a rad stamp , got some tiny gold safety pins and durable white art paper to make price tags . Another learning lesson. Cut.that.paper.staight! This is something I am not capable of. So, next up, purchase some pre-made blank price tags. Also turns out my organic cotton twine I bought had wax on it, so it was super hard to tie.
I am also a little sad that I got rid of a bunch of my vintage clothes. See, if you know me, I have freak outs. Sell clothes, throw away everything, shave my head, run, yell and scream. I know it can all be replaced with even more treasures, but I kick myself sometimes. Like I said, learning those lessons!
I finally finished everything about 10 minutes ago. Its not much, but it will bloom into something beautiful. After Second Saturday , you will find Equine Bovine goods hanging up with Citizen Rosebud at The Thinkhouse Collective.
So wish me luck friends. I defiantly will be enjoying a cocktail before the Second Saturday social hour.

100% of my proceeds will go to

Second Saturday Info:

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BTW. I just had flowers delivered to Ed and Janel from Relles. I was able to pick out the beautiful bouquet online at 10 p.m., and have it deivered the next day. Their service was very friendly and prompt.
I will definatley have them be my 'flower people' now .
Oh, why were Ed and Janel receiving flowers?
To welcome this cute little meatball into our lives.
Julian Kai

Thankyou Relles family for inviting me to be apart of your vision.

Party on Wayne!


Porkchop Rules said...

Hey I will try to visit you! I want to see what you have:) I am sure everything looks great

Claire said...

Party on Garth! This event sounds great, it's wonderful that you have a creative project to prepare for and be a part of. I hope you take lots of pics to share :)

I have throw it all out, cut it al off freak outs, too. There are a few things that I would really, really like to have back. Oh, well. There's a few lessons in there, to be sure.

Happy Saturday!

Gina said...

Oh my god! Julian is so beautiful! He looks a lot like Ed!

Good luck with Second Saturday tonight!

Kerry said...

The event was a great success gals! Thanks for your love and encouragement <3

moonshinejunkyard said...

awww, this seems like a rad event. congrats!

i am so impressed that you are taking time to steam and press and clean all your items. i deal with wrinkles A LOT and i just kinda go, hmph, natural fabrics wrinkle, oh well. maybe i should change my tune, i bet things would look so much more fresh and pert! i'm going to look into steamers.

baby julian is just the raddest. he looks like the perfect combo of his two folks!

Milla said...

Awesome sauce Kerry! I hope next time I hit Sacramento you've got this up and running so that I can add it to my itinerary, perhaps after our little jaunt on the river. Love it. How sweet of you to bring some congratulatory flowers into the lives of these new parents. Well done, what a beautiful little bun!

Kerry said...

Hey Moon! I purchased my steamer for under 50 bux at Target. Its a Conair and it seems to work beautifully. BTW. I totally steamed my face when I mixed my lemon sugar mask together. Who needs an esthetician when you got Conair in your living room.
Hi Milla! When do you plan on coming down next? I would love to clothe a goddess as yourself :) Take care huggy bears :))

Tiffanie said...

Kerry ~ you are too totally adorable. I already knew it, now I triply know it after devouring your super cute blog. :-) Add platinum hair to the list as yet another thing we have in common, along with this ~ I have sold a few of my own re/upcycled clothing creations in the past! You wouldn't know it by looking at me now, but I once was a vintage fanatic as well. I wish I had known you to give my collection to when I had my "freak out." ;-)
You are such a sweetie. I felt giddy when we "exchanged information" today. So glad to know ya.