Thursday, May 5, 2011

Was I awake for this?

I have been working loooong hours at Magpie. I mean, long. 
I come home , and I am so pooped. I can't do much than try to teleport a burrito into my tummy, or eat an olive or two.  But why lay around and be tired, when you can walk along the river and be inspired!

I received my extremely bad ass leather harness from my new cyber sister Sadie Deluxe. I love how it makes me feel like a cowgirl! This isn't the most flattering outfit, but I just had to put it on . And I love it!

My Butt Ugly Birthday present from RQ Bella. Designed by the most beautiful Kris. She has developed a clothing and accessory line for us maidens in Sacramento area. But Kris keeps it old school. No Etsy, no store front. Just a Butt Ugly Buttique  in her little cottage, about every 3 months.
The stick tinged a ring, and the boy gave a splash!
One part bunny, two parts Birdie, and all parts ADORABLE!

Good night pookies.


Milla said...

Yes! To the moon! To the womanly beauty of nature and your sweet self! To harnesses! To walks! To feeling fed and replenished by Mother Earth! To venturing out! Yes and yes again, the echo said.

Strength and beauteous spring days to you m'dear. And many more lovely walks. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Kerry said...

Milla, I like you <3

Sadie Rose said...

Milla is so likeable. like ice cream. Kerry you look HOt in the harness! so pleased to be your cyber sister - cheers to the beginning, the now, an the future of it all.

Milla said...

Kerry to our next meet-up, right Sadie? ;D

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh man, maybe our next meet up should be a walk along the delta!!! kerry dear your photos create a beauteous stirring in my heart. is there anything more exuberant than a pup fetching a stick flung into the river? it feels like summer, especially with a cowgirl in crystals and harness involved. GORGEOUS!

Porkchop Rules said...

YOu rock sista! You always looks great even when you have to be at work! HOPE to see you soon

flaming hag folkwear said...

the river is the only place that i feel happy and relaxed of late.
the butt ugly bag is awesome. i have a few of those old tapestries put aside to make skirts from for autumn/winter. great minds ;)
take care and hope to see you soon. xo

Kerry said...

Aw, shucks you guys. I definitely vote for a stroll and a picnic down on the delta. Right now , the weather, the river level and the amount of animal energy is whizzing and whirling!
Take care my sisters.
Enjoy and love yourselves :)

Claire said...

Thank you so much for finding me Kerry! I love all of your photography and fashion. You are all kinds of hotness with that harness. I don't think it's possible to not look hot in one. It says a little something about Sadie, doesn't it?

I love the photos of the river. Rivers stir my soul in such a deep way. Thinking about their depth and freshwater current puts me in a little trance. I have a friend who grew up on Shasta and he can play the guitar so that it sounds like the flow of a river, from a little creek to a deep current. I could listen to him for hours. Your pics are pulling me into the same frame of mind.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, dearie.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

that last picture is like a poem. a very good poem.