Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So nice to meet you. Can I take your picture?

YAY! I get to dress up tonight for work. No slummy cafe clothes for this girl.
Us Magpies' are hosting our space and delicious food for the Verge Center for the Arts, to help celebrate their one year anniversary in their new location!

Whoa, so leathery in my awesome Casual Corner vest from FreeStyle Clothing Exchange..
Did I ever mention that I used to work at a Casual Corner Outlet store. It was actually good for the paycheck because garments were so FUGLY, I would never buy anything. But, if this vest was there, I would buy one in teal too!
Yes , I am wearing my favorite necklace duo AGAIN! 
Hells ya! Love these pups. Gifted from my gal RQ Bella.
 I actually bought this dress new. Hanging on a clearance rack just waiting to be scooped up!
Blooper Reel! Birdie never wants me to go. Its hard to when she's so stinkin' cute!

So , I have some pretty big news. This is a little to big for me, but I am forcing myself to hurdle my frightened ass over the fear.
The fear of public speaking. Actually, the fear of people looking at me while I have nothing stimulating to say.
But, I am honored I was asked to do this, and this event is going to be way epic!

This coming Friday, the VCA is screening the film 'Bill Cunningham , New York' at the Crest Theatre.
Bill Cunningham is one of the founding god fathers of street style photography.
Bill has been biking around, and shooting  colors of vibrant people walking the streets of Manhattan for over 40 years.  I contribute to the Street Style Sacramento blog with my favorite Sacramento friend RQ Bella of the Citizen of Rosebud. Us two girls, Kari from Juniper James and Lorena Beightler of Sac Cycle Chic have been asked to follow up the film for a discussion panel.
Dude, what the hell am I going to say. I will probably forgot everything I know. But then, what do I know?
I just like to take pictures of people that have on beautiful jewelry, a funky hat, well tapered slacks or just a damn fine purse.
First hurdle to jump is to find what to wear! I got one accessory down. Oh yes, Its going to be so sweet.
But, for actually clothing , I have no idea. Of course I will stop in at C&C and check out their racks.
I hope I don't vomit on the stage.

You know you wanna go. 
Crest Theatre, Sacramento.

I'll keep you posted kittens!


flaming hag folkwear said...

leather and lace--you know i love your outfit!

i will be representing for c&c on friday evening (for the pre-show trunk sale --mercifully not the panel). i am hoping i will be allowed to stay for the film, too. and i hope that i will get a chance to see you, since it has been forever (you know i don't want you to come to the shop to spend, but rather just to visit!). i am not sure i will stay to watch the panel if you are super nervous; i tend to get really nervous for people and i might vomit watching you be nervous :)

Sadie Rose said...

eek your lace dress is so hot!! i absolutely cannot wait to hear how your talk goes. xo

Sadie Rose said...

p.s. i just saw your comment - the tiger suit is about a medium, i'd say. a smaller medium, but a medium.

moonshinejunkyard said...

wow! congrats!!! i will try to make it down to see you and be a friendly face in your audience!

Milla said...

Goodness Kerry, this all sound awesomest! I can't wait to hear how it all went. (Barf and all ;) You look fabulous, so. I haven't checked Sac St Style in a long while, since I first saw it on Nicole's blog, so thanks for reminding me of some unearthed blog candy for this rainy day.

Oh and in reference to a comment you left for me: novice, you? Never, I can't wait to see what gardens you will make Grasshopper.

Gina said...

Love the outfit! My favorite shot is of you in front of the window. Have fun at work, and say hi to everyone for me! <3

Kerry said...

Hey Nicole! love seeing your face today. I have something purty for you :) Ill stop by the shop tomorrow.
Milla! You always crack me up. you are so funny.
Moon, come down so we can meet n' greet! Ill buy ya a brewski!
Oh Gina baby, Korea is so lucky . Miss you. There is a baby Magpie now. He is sooooo CUTE!!!!!!
Heya Sadie. Once i start my jazzercise work out , I might get myself into a one piece. :) I can never pass up animal prints.

Take care sisters. May springtime be your bloomtime!
love love love

the Citizen Rosebud said...

you did GREAT girkfriend! you looked fantastic and you spoke eloquently! i had such a blast and hangin' with you was the best part! -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud