Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yelllow Pedal

Ugly Ducklings, Yellow Polyester and Weeds. You can Pull 'em, pretend they are not there, or plug 'yer ears and hum really loud!
I will admit, I am not a fan of yellow. I own nothing yellow. When I see the color on clothing, shoes, socks and accessories I almost cringe. 
I bought a wicked cool yellow dress with little pink flowers a few years back in Portland, and I have no idea where it is! I think I was high on vintage , and probably out of control.

Although, Mother nature and her yellow makes me scream with joy! 

It's hard to ignore the strength in this little Midtown flower. Stepped on , spat upon by tree limbs and scooted  out of the way more 'favorable' front yard foliage. 
 Bringing food and beauty to this side walk garden. 
 I love these flowers. Spilling onto the sidewalk. Aching for attention, or taking a mid-day stretch?
I pick them by the  handfuls this time of year. Soon, the June sun will burn our delicate babies away.They grow abundantly in midtown , so go on a hunt soon to add some cheer into your home! 
I think I almost cried when I saw this. No, actually I almost choked.
Look at the print! The Belt! The cuffs!
I have to give a two thumbs up for Polyester. Always, ALWAYS got the best print, cuts, and design.
To bad, it is so unrealistic to wear here in the Sacramento Valley.
Believe me, I try real hard. Polyester gives me the cold sweats, and that is just not sexy friends.

I am a die hard admirer of any fluffy, furry , layered  details around the neck area.
Maybe I am trying to harness the inner flower in me. 

When the birds begin to sing, preserve me with pedals, and I will offer you everything.

Find this dress on display at the Sacramento SPCA Thrift.

Aw, hell naw. This is to cute.
 I'll love you no matter how many legs you have my little yellow feathered friend.
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 I think I might spend my day tomorrow , admiring all the beautiful creatures at McKinley park. 
A day of duck and turtle watching can always be a surprise of excitement!

Happy Easter friends! 
Enjoy your day of rest, food and sunshine. 


Milla said...

Three-legged friend! Little duckling adorableness!

I used to hate yellow with a passion, but then, suddenly and inexplicably, I got over it. Now I love the color of sun, the first flowers of the spring...

Happy Easter!

Porkchop Rules said...

YELLOW MELLOW! Cute cute Duckies. That dress is for someone brave!