Friday, April 15, 2011

They call me Junk Lovin' Judy.

 Here we are  at the Sacramento Antique Fair. Coffee and cash in hand. Totally ready for the hunt.

Memoirs of Buffalo Brewing Company , Sacramento California.

 Uh-oh! Joe has spotted the Enterprise.  Darth Vader is Captain Kirks father , right?

 Not to busy in the booth today. Might as well knit Fido a pair of booties.

 I am so fascinated with Blacksmithing. The tools, metal, the men, attire, the heat , and the finished craft.

 I was still half asleep when I took this picture, so I didn't approach her. I just secretly took a picture.
But man, was I drooling. Damn you leather , bones, and antlers! Why must I love you so much!

Aw, love little feat.
 Dear Abby, I have this itch...

I love this clip from Portlandia. I would have say I relate to more of the episodes than not. Don't even get me started on Collin the chicken.
But this defiantly can reflect my love for junk. I mean , last year when I was tubing down the Sacramento River in Dunsmuir, I had to take a U-turn, hike up stream because I saw a rusty bed spring.
Which by the way , looks fantastic on my tea cup.
You can see it here.

Have a beautiful weekend friends. 


flaming hag folkwear said...

oh what wonderful photos! i am always so focused when i am there that i never take the time to snap pics.
and that leather bag--holy shit!

Milla said...

First of all...that's a Millenium but seriously call me another and color me blue because there are some good junks here: all dust jackets, amethyst rocks and my hubby would be all up in them belt buckles. And that bag is amazing. It must be replicated for the pleasure of the world.

Kerry said...

haha. I'm such a dork. They had an entire table of different kind of models. Joe was so excited , he told me "Hey , hey, take my picture with them" like we just ran into Michael Jackson.
That bag is way amazing. Its one of those times when something is so kick ass, you just wanna cry! Take care girls.