Monday, April 4, 2011

Love daze with Dyer Ranch

 I met these gals last week when I was starting my day at Magpie. Deborah and Cate (left/center) were meeting their gal pal Becky (right) for an early lunch. I noticed that Becky was graciously accepting a dozen eggs from her friends. I could tell it was going to be a nice relaxing day for the girls , so I offered to put the eggs in the fridge to stay cool until they are ready to leave.
Me being a dreamer of farm girl, and a keeper of all animals I had to ask if they raised chickens..
They replied "Oh yes. We sure do! About 26 of them. Also, horses , goats , cats and dogs. We have a ranch in the Placerville area. "
In a matter of seconds, I had rock star eyes. I got weak in the knees and I think I jumped up and down a little bit.
Then, they too gifted me a dozen eggs . WOW! I was so excited. Really. Really, excited.
~The babes of Dyer Ranch~

I had to pass on the love. I shared my bounty with my friend Brooke.

 Tee-hee. Sunday morning breakfast, and I am still giddy. 

You MUST check out their website. Such beautiful pictures of the farm, and the animals enjoying their homestead.
I look forward to visiting Dyer Ranch very soon.

See ya 'round the bend, with a dozen eggs in hand !


gdogs said...

Awww, thanks so much for the love, Kerry, and glad you enjoyed the eggs! The girls who laid them are sad thisnweek because they just got fenced out of the garden.... As much as I like them to eat the pest bugs, they like the worms and spinach and strawberries more! Silly chickens.....
We would love to have you visit the ranch next time you're up this way!
Deborah and Cate

Milla said...

I love homegrown eggs, they are amazing. And these gals seem rather amazing too, so. Okay and right now, your breakfast seems very amazing also ;)
Thanks for this post. Happy Monday Kerry!

Porkchop Rules said...

YUMMY Fresh eggs! And CUTE GOATS!