Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life is a walk in the park

My favorite park to stroll in.  I spend most of my time here during the warm months, after the sun goes down. Sure, it's not to wise of me hanging around a busy park at night, but its hard not be attracted. This park is home to families of Raccoons and Barn Owls and a few lurkers.
If you have arrived early , you can see mama bird perched waiting to take flight. Once the sky is a dark blue, they kick off and sail into the night. Look up above , kites of long white wings and sharp screeches hypnotize you.
The most exciting part is when they deliver back with dinner for the babes. Oh how thrilling it is to listen to their excitement. 
Today was a day of errands on foot. Which lead to coffee, shopping and spring time blooms.

 Turquoise ring was given to me from my mom.
Scarf from the Davis Food COOP.
London Fog Jacket from Thrift Town . 2 bux marked down from 5! Oh ya!
 Shirt recently purchased from Animal Traffic in Portland. One of my two new favorite shops up there.
Pendletons, Western wear, Moccasins, Leather, Leather , Leather!
 Hand tooled , dyed , punctured , cut and loved necklace by Flaming Hag Folkware.
Crystal Pendant, Freestyle Clothing Exchange.
I love wearing boots. I also love them slightly scuffed and dirty. It fills my imagination with just jumping off a horse, walking thru a prairie, or just getting 'down and dirty'  
 Brand spanking new Harley Davidson boots from the Sacto Antique Fair,
$20.00 ! 
 Ring from CUFFS


Kate said...

What an awesome way to spend an evening. I have a lovely park by my house, but it closes at dusk. If you get caught there in the dark you can be fined. I understand why, but I think it's terrible that's it so hard to spend time with nature in the evening at certain places. I usually end up spending my evenings on the beach down the street. It's one of my special spots :)

Milla said...

What a beautiful park. I love parks. (Heck, I live in one ;) They are the perfect oases amidst all the excitement of cities. When I last lived in a City, I lived right at the end of street that opened to a huge park, an old cemetery and a beach, but was right at the center of town. Sometimes I miss it.

Your finery is amazing, I adore the bug ring and Nicole's jewellery of course.

Merry Spring!

stanimalandannimal said...

Nice score with the harness boots! I love the SAF!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

What a wonderful walk in the life park. You look amazing as always. Always amazing.

Porkchop Rules said...

lovely little flowers. Love the Casual ROcker style...perfect

Anya adores said...

Love the park, the flowers and that ts-hirt/blouse. WICKED.

Also in awe of your blog, so following - hope you come and see me to - maybe follow back.
A xx

nicole said...

yes yes, but which park so that i may casually run into you... :)

Gina said...

I miss you. I'm glad you're blogging again so I can stay up-to-date with your life. Love you so much!

Violet Folklore said...

MeeeOW hot mama!
And dude I love the egg story and farmy ladies in the last post. I love you for having a blog and being you. Driving home from our night out on Sunday heather and I were talking about how we wanna hang out with you soon!