Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Somewhere between Portland and Washougal.

A trip to Portland has brought us alot of excitement. Why are so excited?
 We get to meet our God baby , Sage Otter Balakin, and hang out with some good peeps.

We were all packed and waiting for our cab. Birdie insisted that we can't go, and she will be so sad if we  leave. It was hard to say goodbye to my cute lil pup. But we had a baby to snuggle, food carts to explore and beer to drink.

I wear my wonderbubbles locket everytime I fly.
My lovely little Noodle (RIP) and her knuckle head brother
Anticipation assisted with Beer.
Once we flew in, we  met JB and Bella at the Birthing Center.
This is the very room that brought Bella comfort while she was bringing in a wee baby into the world.
Birthing mama and her midwives.
Of course. how could you not market yourself like this , when Portlandia is out there boosting your sales!
I was referred to Rad Summer by a fellow blogger SadieDeluxe.
I felt like this shop was built for me and only me. Damn, I loved it in here.
Unfourtnaley , they were having some heating problems and I couldn't bare to undress to try on any garments. But the shop girls were super nice. I will definitely be back!
Joe browsing some records at SMUT

They had a $1.00 fully stocked cart of books for sale. I had to choose wisely because we were flying.

FOODS CARTS, f*ck yah!

Sweet Pea coconut cupcake.
Elephants Deli in Portland. I love markets like this. Open cheese, meats, and pastires.

Jables picking out the most tasty macaroons. 

Uwajimaya in Beaverton to pick up sushi supplies.
I could spend hours wandering around , reading labels and drooling over Japanese street style mags.


Pear Ginger sake

 Quality sake check before sushi night.
JB made the most amazing sake I have ever!

Joe and Wayne Cannon, of Cannons Rib Express.

Sushi night is upon us. 
I tried Spam sushi for the first time. It will probably be my last as well.
It was to funky for me. But it was well made, wrapped tight and very beautiful.
This guy needs to open up a sushi & sake food cart!
Bella pourin' one for the homies.

*Sage Otter *
Ooof! He's so cute.

Oh Portland , I miss you so. 
*kiss kiss*


Sadie Rose said...

YUMMm. oh that makes me long for PDX food. i'm so glad you liked rad summer!!

Milla said...

Oh my goddess, Portland! You're killing me! Rad Summer, books stores (Powells♡), Shamanisms, food carts, Red Light (?), hippie hipster street styles! Oh Portlandia! I want to go to there. Sage is so cute, like only a Portland baby might be.

moonshinejunkyard said...

what a whirlwind of FOOD and babies! i love this, looks like it was such a blast.

flaming hag folkwear said...

What a lovely adventure! I wish I'd had such a nice place to birth my babies.
And I am dying to know all about psychedelic shamanism.
And I bet it's not all wet and gloomy right now in Portland the way it is here.....oh wait, yeah it is.

Porkchop Rules said...

YUMMY YUMMY YEAH THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR TRIP! Looks like you had a wonderful time...alas I miss your red hair!

Violet Folklore said...

The pic of Koj and JB is so awesome! Yes, JB sushi is a thing to behold. And making sake too!? Yum. Sage is a darling, and such a cute name.
So did you score any vintage on your trip? How is that book?
Shit girl, if I had realized that you knew some of the ladies I gathered with last month I so would have invited you to join us! I'm bummed I didn't.
I may be in Sac tomorrow though, which thrifts are opened on Sunday??

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

I didnt even realize how much food we ate until I saw these pictures. It was glorious! Portland truly is a magical city, and so is Sage! He is so snuggly and cute.
Amb, we didnt spend to much time shopping around. I did hit up a few shops. Animal Traffic and Pop Up Shoppe were my two goldens this time.
Sunday thrifting? Well fo sho Thrift Town. But last time I went there (which was very recent) the Carmichael and Stockton location were so picked over! It was crazy sad. Try the Salvation Army off of 80, I always find something yummy there :)
SPCA Thrift is just nutty in prices right now so I rarely go there anymore.
I think your best bet will be the thrift shops that arent in midtown.
Next time there is a gal pal gathering, I would totally love to go! I started following these hotties when I met them thru Nicoles blog! Yay technology!!
love you , love you all!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

What a wonderful adventure. Now I'm craving some Pac-Northwest time.

Gina said...

I'm so glad I finally got to see a glimpse of your trip to Portland! Sorry to hear you didn't like sushi (I love it), but at least you tried it.

PS-Your god baby is ADORABLE!