Friday, April 8, 2011

Hungry like the Wolf..Tiger or Birdie.

Hey guys! Its sooo beautiful outside. So Joe and I are off to have a brew and soak up some rays.
But, yesterday I think I soaked up too much while I was horseback riding and got myself all pink on the outside! OUCH! 
 Meeooow! I recently purchased this from Citizens of Rosebud boutique. Her stuff pretty much kicks ass, and I never leave empty handed. If you are interested in some shopping , email me. Lets RSVP to the next event, and skip~ to~my~ lou too your next vintage haven!
 Trying to show you my awesome bat wing lace shirt . 
 Stories of Japanese disco and Yoko Ono are great to bring back from SXSW. But, Joe also brought me back some goodies from one of my favorite shops. Laced with Romance! Eeeeik! 

 Does this guy know me, or what. Love him.
 I have been wanting a pair of slip on Mocs for days! But it seems impossible to find a used pair around town. I love wearing leather, but I prefer to not purchase 'new' leather products. No sense in demanding more production of unnecessary slaughter, when I can wait patiently and find a used pair.
But my patience was running thin, so I clicked 'confirm' on a etsy purchase from Vintage Shoe Love.
They were used, and all in one piece until Birdie girl got ahold of them the first 5 minutes I turned my back. She chewed off all the fringe and ties on the right shoe..ZOINKS!
Well, gotta make some lemonade now. So I cut the other fringe off , and taa-daa ..I should email Urban Outfitters about this new look :)

Happy Weekend ya'll!
Ta Ta kittens!


moonshinejunkyard said...

you are too cute. i love your cheery go-with-the-flow attitude. your mocs look great that way! and i love your perspective about leather, i think the same way and be persistent, you still might find some. i got some cute little super-soft beaded minnetonkas at eco-thrift for cheap!

Kerry said...

ooh! thankyou for reminding me about eco thrift. your talking the one in Sacramento, right?
hows the thriftn' scene up there? I always hit up snow line and another thrift store that is across from G&O Towing . Any other shops spring up lately?

Porkchop Rules said...

EEK I love what you wear....wierd, I made a necklace just like that with the feathers in bullet...that one is pretty cool! What a nice hubby. Aloe Vera for your lucky you went horseback ridin, I have been wantin to do that

Kerry said...

Thanks Kara! I haven't seen you in sooo long. Are you working tomorrow?
How are the doggies doing?

flaming hag folkwear said...

hey girl. haven't seen you in a while. i need to give you my cell number so you can let me know when you are going horseback riding again...i want to tag along!

Milla said...

Wowzers! You're looking stylish, I love mocs, they are just the comfiest. And horseback riding, first off, interesting tidbit about both you gals and also so on my list of things to learn. The list is long, but someday I'll get to all of it. So nice to see your sunny adventures and "hear" from your day. Happy Springtime frollicks!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

you are so adorable it hurts my heart. can't wait to see you again!

Kerry said...

Aww shucks..Is that a sun burn, or am I blushing? :)
Nicole, I have been working so much and so in this weird state with clothing I havent been going out at all. well, not like the whole 'not going out ' thing is new with me . But Im excited to say I found a lil pad to hang my yummie threads at. All the proceeds will go to animal and human relief in Japan. I am going to stop in next week. maybe monday? i wanna check out what you girls got going down.
and YES! lets ride! 2 babes ride into the sunset on horses..totally.

Milla! Hop on a ye old gal and trollop down here .
we should all get together and ride. then have a massive picnic and go swimming!

take care sisters. cant wait to hug yall!


Gina said...

I LOVE the lace bat-wing top! Very cute.

Porkchop Rules said...

let's have a blogger horseback riding event!

Violet Folklore said...

The mocs still look fab babe. I wanna see more of that top!