Sunday, September 30, 2012

she's running fast, low and dry.

Oh it's been so hot. I feel like I might loose my Autumn to this attention hog Summer. The days ahead are still going to be in the upper 90s , so I decided instead of shaking my fist at this never ending heat, I should embrace it and what it has to offer. So we peeled ourselves away from the Niners game (they slaughtered and won) and went to the river. Between the towns of Pilot Hill and Coloma lies our favorite river spot. This area is known for rafting and kayak launch, but if you hike on past that for about a mile you come upon an area that rarely sees more than a few people.
The earth below my feet felt so hot. She too was feeling weary of this long summer. As we walked the trail , I scouted for any sign of new blooms, watched dragonflies and sharply enhaled the harsh dry air into my lungs.
Finally, hooray! We barley settled in before we cannon-balled into the sweet , sweet American River.
Once my body leaves the city and steps back into the mountains I realize how wound up I am every day.
The wonderful pressure of clean air and the cradling of a canyon with her rushing water, quickly
softens  my thoughts and heart.


Teeny said...

YES! Moving water and space, help me calm the f*ck down always. I've got a trip to the beach planned for my littles tomorrow - it's school holidays and the beach allows them to run and run and splash, and run again. While i walk and breathe and paddle and breathe. xo

theequinebovine said...

Dude, exactly. We should make bumper stickers that say "go sit by the water and calm the f*ck down" :)

I need some beach time too. Thats when I let my little beasts (dogs) run their little asses off.
Have a good time. Its always a pleasure chatting with you! xo

anne said...

really pretty! looks like the perfect summer... i mean autumn day :D

Milla said...

Wow. You guyses rivers are the very best. I want to jump in. Maybe next year we'll come visit in the summer...I mean autumn ;)

Nature is totally, well, Nature's Prozac. Calming, happy-making. Even just a little walk or looking up to the sky can do the trick.