Sunday, March 18, 2012

touch, but don't taste

Typical day at the shop. I bring in a bag full of vintage clothes. Unload them piece by piece onto hangers. They all get a good steam bath, and then finished off with a price tag. Before I make my rounds unloading them onto the racks, I like to step back and observe them for a moment.

Then the panic washes over me. I feel nauseous and I am pretty sure I am sweating.. IM NOT READY FOR THIS!! I rip them all off of their hangers , fold them quickly and stuff em back into my bag as if a vintage clothing zombie was ready to break thru our windows!

For us vintage clothing sellers , we collect beautiful (and not so beautiful so we can appease all customers) clothes because we love them. Our heart flutters the moment our eyes lock on an amazing piece of clothing. Beautiful pieces of art, living history is in our hands..And , now we have to sell it?
Oh thats just mean.
Tie me down, and wave birthday cake over my face. Lock me in a room full of puppies and say I can't pet any of them, but don't make me sell this beautiful garment that I just grew so attached to. 
I know, sooo dramatic!

This doesn't happen to often, because frankly I gotta make money. Im not lying when I say I have to talk myself thru it, and let go. 
-The high of saving the rescued clothes at my house is not going to pay my bills. 
-I can hold onto for one more week, and If I don't wear it , it HAS TO GO BACK!
-I will come across it again! Hello, Kerry! You thrift multiple times a week, and work in a vintage clothing store...You will find this again.
-This piece will go to someone awesome that will appreciate and love it .Until the devil chimes in , and says "no kerry, they are buying it for a ugly 70s party" or "say bye bye to your cherished 'sexy Joan Mad Men ' themed party dress, muhahahah"
 Damn , devil.
-Kara and Nicole have way cooler shit than you, so wait for them to put something out later on.

Hey man, Im not crazy and I'm not alone! Amber just did a similar post on this too! 
Were not sick in the head, we just love to much :))

These pictures are in no way represent the best of Equine Bovine. I have become a little pattern crazy . Especially for the '60s and '70s. And since spring time is emerging , so are all the fun, funkay, groovy patterns to torture me with.

I think I felt especially attached to these items because they are so cheery and vibrant. This weeks weather has been so lame, I think my eye balls and soul needed some warmth.

This top only saw the lights of day for about 3 minutes. It was soo cold today in the valley, I had to stay mega bundled.

Ugh, I deserve some ice cream after that.


flaming hag folkwear said...

i love that top you're wearing in the photos--and the crazy wedding hat even made it into the shot, too! i'm crossing my fingers we get a little sunshine this week...

theequinebovine said...

HA! That hat is so , um...cute, ya! Someone buy it! It will look great on you :)

Oh , and I am rocking your necklace, girl!

Teeny said...

I just got all lustful for those patterned pieces. lustful i tell ya!

Violet Folklore said...

Mhmmm, MHM!

I do love that FORE there. ANd you look darling in that top!

But yeah, hanging onto shit will not pay the bills. Tragic. This is our chosen profession, and we must conduct ourselves like... professionals!

Vix said...

Some of those pieces look so good I don't blame you for getting attached. That top your wearing is a stunner and what the heck is that patched denim thing? I love it! x

Annimal House said...

Your stuff is so cute, I don't blame you for not wanting to part with any of it!! But you gotta keep that lion necklace, I have it too and we can be twins!

theequinebovine said...

OH ladies ! You are the best.
Vix,that is a super adorb wrap skirt...Ugh,don't make me start thinking about it again...I don't even know why I am loosing it over this..I got a chunky butt, and that thing is tiny!! But there is also a leather patchwork tote hiding in the back that I got from the most awesome cat around, Flaming Hag Folkwear.

Oh Teeny, I guess my comment did'nt go thru last night. When I ran your comment to me, I truly LOL'd! :) You crack me up.

Annimal, Twinsies!!!!

Amb, I LOVE that wrap skirt. and I want to keep it. I probably would neve wear it, but wouldnt it look so cute hanging on my wall to cheer me up! NO! NO it wont..see, there I go trying to rationalize .

Milla said...

Love it! I'm working on opening a little vintage and handmade shop, so it's interesting to read about the travails of others. You certainly put a pretty fun twist to it. Lots of love.

theequinebovine said...

Milla! That is freaking great! I wanna come shop your life! umm, that sounds a little single white female, but you are so groovy girl. I wanna hang , damn it!

hobieluv83 said...

Kerry, the more I find out about you, the more awesome I think you are. Stay golden and keep loving that vintage.

-Sigrid from FreeStyle.

theequinebovine said...

Thanks Sigrid, baby! *high, low side five*

Porkchop Rules said...

I don't know if I read this before, but you do have cool stuff, I buy stuff from you all the time! You and Nicole can fit into not so much. Im glad your going to hang with me...I wont be able to do it without you