Friday, February 17, 2012

hoochie coochie (wo)man

Todays look was inspired from a four sided record I was listening to today. Biting down on the boring adult tasks such as washing your dishes, laundry and hair, there is no question that I must have music to get my thru this. So, I laid the needle down on a Allman Brothers record, and they got me thru pain. I love what I was wearing today. I feel like I can hop on the tour bus of Lynyrd Syknyrd, The Allman Brothers, or  Hank Williams Jr. and blend in just fine!

google images/theselvedgeyard
patchwork pants: Antique Fair
harley eagle and dixie flag shirt: Thunderhorse Vintage
Sbicca shoes: C&C
wrangler vest: C&C
leather fringe necklace: Flaming Hag Folkwear
Tiered beaded necklace: Antique Fair
Sunglasses: Local Thrift Store
Belt Buckle: Laced with Romance purchased in house
Awesome Moo Cow Ring: Flaming Hag Folkwear


bonfire of my vanity said...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. and the allman bros.

theequinebovine said...

I totally thought of you when I finished this post too!No joke ! :)

Teeny said...

wooohooo! Those jeans are amazing. You look fantastic. And so is that belt buckle.

theequinebovine said...

Hey Teeny!! Thanks. I am on a total funky pants kick right now. I am currently eyeing some jeans that have an family of ducks embroidered towards the hem. Its kinda silly, but I can never pass up a family of critters like that.

Lauren Knight said...

You look great! I love the Allman Bros pictures too. How funny is the naked one?!

flaming hag folkwear said...

wow, i can finally comment on your blog! now, what the hell was i going to say...?!
probably something about how much i liked your outfit that day, and how much i have always liked that nudie pic of the abb. oh duane....

Violet Folklore said...

You darling thing you. The hair is the perfect accent to the outfit too. I love you, come play soon.

Bella Q said...

you look so good. i can't believe how good you make jeans look.