Monday, December 13, 2010

Sacramento Fall, Felines and Flowers

I am always rooting for the underdogs. Sports, bad reviews on movies, a dog that might have 3 legs, 2 teeth and one eye, and if you ask me the Ugly Ducking  the cutest little thing that could hatch himself into this cold dark world.
 Nature creates some unappreciated and sometime rarely noticed beauties.
Look at this moss! Oh my, I could of spent all day with it. Transforming myself to a midtown moss nymph and jumping from patch to patch.
You walk past me. I could be sleeping, dreaming the day away. Maybe I am dancing thru the buds of whispering green.
Portlands Roses, Sacramento Camellias. Have you kissed your Camellia today?
 The years don't run very deep here in our Tree City, but the architectural history of our houses can bring you from a Victorian, Craftsman Bungalow to Queen Annes homes within 2 blocks .
No, this is not a house in Dunsmuir. It is my dream river home that sits a few blocks away from apartment. This house in funky, and I like it! Actually , I love it. I pass it every day on my bike.
I appreciate that I can barely see it from the street.  It is blanketed  with over grown tree limbs , unruly shrubs, wind chimes and many potted plants . 
I am always tempted to leave a note on their door, asking if they ever move could they please let me know. Also, their bio diesel mercedes definitely helps the mojo of this pad !

Look at this awesome wall of greenery! Protecting us from noise, pollutants , street people and city life.
Funky old car , parked under some pines next to a pile of wood. Happy about this.
Who goes there!
I forgot what this plant was called (also a Camellia?). As I was taking a picture of this beautiful bloom, the owner of the house came out to get in her car. She scoffed at why I would want to take a picture of "that bush" Why the hell not! Poor thing has been beat up by the weather, and still rocks it pink sweater!
I can never turn my back on kitty cats. Actually, It was not hard to hear this guy. He followed me and demanded a snuggle and a scratch.
City of Trees, baby. Well as long as you stay in midtown. Once you leave for other parts of Sacramento, It can easily turn to be 'City of Cement'.
Autumn light can be tricky, but flowers are meant to admired at any angle. 
Cats take over midtown. Scurrying the streets and alleys. Look out for our feline friends when you are in a car! MEOW!
I use to pick these flowers for my mom , walking home from the bus stop in Placerville.
This door! Sacramento River Boat  and native plants carved in this side door.  You can barely see this gem walking down the street. I think the bottom of the house is abandoned, or a basement. 
How could you not cherish a Clover. They bring your luck for goodness sakes!

Are these flowers related to Verbena? So purty.
Squirrels. They could be marmots, vermin , pests , rodents or invaders of your garden or orange tree. But to me , squirrels are friends. I like to click my tongue to the roof of my mouth, and call a squirrels attention.  If you are lucky like me, it will develop  trust and some odd ball communication. Soon enough, they will be eating walnuts and sunflower seeds out of your hands.

Listening , to Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Drinking , mystery red wine. 



the Citizen Rosebud said...

wonderful post!
azalea, or oleander. i think it's azalea though.

great photos of our fair city.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! I wish I can shoot photos like you do! :)


fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Thanks CR, I was was stumped on the flower.
Hi Mia! Thanks for the comment, I checked out your blog..Dig it!

moonshinejunkyard said...

dang girl you make sacramento look gloriously inviting! your dream house is my dream house too and now i want to make windchimes of old lost and lonely keys. but best of all, of course, for my crazy catlady heart, are all those kitties and your words of love for them! the mister who demanded your attention certainly had a determined look in his handsome eye! i hope we meet soon. i like the way you see the world, the moss, the trees, the steps and doors.

Porkchop Rules said...

love your photos...ahh the squirrel at the end was the best!

Sarah said...

Your photos are amazing!! That house is beautiful!

Sarah at Classroom Chic

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

I knew you would like the squirrel Kara.If it was holding some Holly , It would of been the icing !

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Hi Sarah. Thanks so much! Learning how to make the best of the Canon point n' shoot :)