Friday, November 5, 2010

Danger: Hungry Worms!

Pass Whiskey the Pig,
Thru the new site of the Outdoor Kitchen,
and tip toe along the tents of the farm workers,
..are the group of kidlets ready to get down n ' dirty with worm composting!!

Bailey wearing of my favorite shirts. Its a tad blurry, but it says 'Cow Hugger' written in the clouds.
'Herbivore' a San Francisco based company dishes out vegetarian & vegan wear.
Kellan asks "What is worm composting?"
The worms eat your  food scraps ( veggie peels, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds) digest, and poop out rich , dark conditioning rich soil . Oh, and its best not to compost with meats, dairy , or grains. It attracts rodents, flies, stinks and other unwanted house guests.
I see a worm! I see thousands of worms!!
" I see a banana peel, leaves, green stuff and....
..worms squiggling in my hand!"
Did you know it takes  about 2000 worms to eat one pound of food a day!?
That sounds like alot ! And it is. Thankfully they like to be snuggled up together in their nice dark, damp bed.

Randy Stannard Food Access Coordinator of Soil Born Farms, shows the kiddies how to make a cozy little home for their new friends.

To start mix some fresh soil with scraps and your worms!
Lots of holes so the worms can have nice fresh air, and proper drainage.
Artists at work. Designing a worm bin to be auctioned off at the next fundraiser.
I call her 'Loretta Lily' 
Lilly loved worms. But I think she loved horses a little more. 
She is so rad. I hope to see her, and the rest of the tikes in future classes!

I recently found this blog entry on how to build the best worm farm.
 Step by step with great pictures.


Anonymous said...

Worm composting is great. I started two of them and the first time was a failure. I felt bad for the batch of worms that did not make it. The second attempt was a whopping success and lasted for a year and I was able to recycle almost every single kitchen scrap on the approved list. The soil they produced was beautiful and loamy and I used them for some house plants and for a friends garden.

moonshinejunkyard said...

okay so i am now (obviously!) following you too because 1. you are RAD. 2. your combo of likes and interests totally rocks my world and 3. well i think that pretty much sums it up! thanks for checking out my blog and i can't wait to read more of yours. thanks for keeping it real and being completely inspirational. and YAY for neil love!


worms are good! One of my pals little girls is one of your pictures...small world

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Really!? Cool, which one?