Monday, November 1, 2010

California Uber Alles

Day before state wide election. So we decided to get some coffee, and spread the word in the streets. Well, do errands and whilst we got our 'Hell ya!' wear on.

 "Hello Mr. Brown, I've been waiting for you"
 Practicing our dance moves when Democrats take back California!
 Joe proudly wearing his newest addition to the Kojima weardrobe. Obtained last night at the Fishbone concert at Harlows.  
"Some of the best 15 dollas spent in my entire life...I even saw STEVE PIPER  there! Sheesh...what a good night"
 Look Ma! A Republican!
If I cover my eyes, they will  go away.

Tomorrow, VOTE. 
Need help on what to vote on? Easy!
Click here.

But, before you do..

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Anonymous said...

Hells yes! Jerry Brown all the way!