Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soil Born Farm 2010 Autumn Equinox Celebration

The days are getting cooler, the nights are getting longer and I feel alive.
What a way to kick off my favorite season than celebrating it at Soil Born Farms 8th Annual Fundraiser.
Nestled in the outskirts of midtown , behind a school and to the left of suburbia is farm country.
The beginning of Soil Born is simple .
Two young passionate farmers ( Shawn Harrison & Marco Franciosa )wanted to offer urban people of the city healthy and fresh food.A hand written letter was slipped a mailbox of a to a Sacramento resident asking if they can use her land in exchange for produce. The next day Soil Born was formed and our community had alot to look forward to.In 2002 a third co-founder Janet Zeller joined Shawn and Marco in their journey of creating a healthy, empowered and educated Sacramento.
The night of the fundraiser my partner Sandi and I mingled with the crowds . We chatted about their partnership with Soil Borns growth, what they would like to see happen in the future , and how they can help now.
Soil Born is launching a new program called "Friends of the Farm" . With a small donation of $50.00, you will receive a "Bountiful Benefits Card" that can offer you discounts at local restaurants that either prepare their dishes with Soil Born organic produce, or offer healthy local meals for your family. On top of this awesomeness, you will also go into a drawing for a dinner at the American River Farm catered by Soil Born for you and 8 of your friends. We had an overwhelming response. Sandi and I raised over $500.00 dollars that night. These dollars will help grow educational classes for little kiddies, the new outdoor kitchen ,improvements to our Farmers Markets and help continue to offer produce to the Sacramento Food Bank. Fundraising aside, I also spotted some Equinox foxes. Two Rivers Cider in hand, I snapped some pictures of some barn yard babes.

Here comes a Magpie with a trunk full of Ice Cream Sandwiches.
Toasted Fennel and Lemon Shortbread with Gunthers Vanilla Ice Cream. Mmm.

Another Magpie flocking in with trays of Carrot Cake Cookies.

Rick from the Sacramento Natural Food COOP, hustling out some organic apples.

Kevin and Kerri. Kerri , produce manager of the Sacramento Natural Foods COOP, brings you the finest local and organic produce. If its been beaten , sprayed, or spat upon she aint gonna stock it on her shelves.
Christina from the SNFC. She works in marketing, has a fantastic smile and wants to tell you all about the 'One farm at a time' project.

COOP hotties!

Julia debuting her Citizen Rosebud dress. Damn foxy woman if you ask me!

Kevin pouring glasses of local happiness.

After party rockin' brought to you by Joe Koj and Zach Attack!

Kerry Dolan
Kerri Williams