Monday, September 27, 2010

Costs alot to look this good. Costs even more to be Catholic.

True, I did grow up in an Irish Catholic home. Attending private Catholic school, running my thumbs raw with countless 'Hail Marys' on my rosary , and wearing the same bland uniform everyday. I remember the only way I could express myself was thru the different colored yarn my mom would tie in my hair. The soft green one was my favorite.
Once my mom and dad realized that this brand name was getting a little expensive under the collar , they decided to put me in public school. I was never very religious, even as a child. No one really explained anything to me about it. They just 'told' me what to do . Have you met me? Yah, thats not gonna work. But, what I did take with my experience from private Catholic school and attending church every Sunday , is that I love the architecture of churches, missions, religious art work and the history . Hell, lets light up some Frankincense and Myrrh and I will inhale deeply, and enjoy the rich scents of my past .
This trip is not current , but I wanted to share it anyways. Joe and I took a trip down to S.F. to visit Mission Dolores. Mission Dolores was founded in 1766, and it is the oldest Mission in California and oldest building in San Francisco.
Our Lady of Grace
Couldn't marry Jesus, so I married this chump.
3 crosses. Another school I attended.
Mission Dolores

Jacket: Freestyle Clothing Exchange
Shoes: Thunderhorse Vintage
Purse: California State Fair


the Citizen Rosebud said...

I love the churches of the Catholics. The Protestant in me was always jealous of the bad-ass churches.


AHH great post! I love Catholic art. Oh and your tooled horse purse is amazing!