Monday, August 16, 2010

Thrifted, Gifted & Found

Birdie, found on 24th & C.(Still searching for her family)
SPCA Thrift sells cute lil cacti.
A hot piece designed by :
Porkchop Rules! And so does Kara. She is partial owner of my favorite vintage boutique in Sacramento, Crimson and Clover <3
Hedgehogs rule!
Oh she knows I like em old, scuffed , a little skiffed and loved.
Gifted from RQ Bella . It is home for a bouquet of dried thistle , and gleams alot of beauty everyday.

You can find Kojima wearing this beauty , next Second Saturday at Alfa Romeos Barber Shop.
He will be rocking hard core with Grub Dog and some other tough but tender dudes of Midtown.

According to Chuck, (friend from the bark park) his wife at the time found this out in the desert of Texas.. Produce box was from my work .
Oh god! Somethings I just painfully love. I found this at This n' That thrift for $1.50
Bird of prey painted on a geode.

Well , the word got out at the doggy park that I love to collect fur, bones, teeth..body parts..
Rick , newly to Sacramento from Hawaii found a grip of these for me.

Today at Thrift Town , I found this cute little wool hat with ear flats that wrap around your chin to tie! Winter Bike rides just got more stylish

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flaming hag folkwear said...

ahh, having too much fun reading all your old blog posts! i freaking love that bird of prey on geode piece hard.