Monday, August 16, 2010

I had to meet her, about 3 times.

One of the most alluring women I have ever seen. She caught my eye as she was strolling around Thrift Town today. I told Joe how badly I wanted to meet her. But, I just felt silly just walking up to someone and swooning over them and causing a blush attack.! He quickly reminded me that I have a blog , and that will help break the ice a bit,(Oh yah, duh!) and the purpose behind my blog was for moments like this.. I was so nervous. I softly approached her, and asked about her tattoos. No dolphin, cherry bomb , butterfly tramp stamps here..What she proudly has on her body are symbolic treasures of marriage, family and tribes.
I asked few questions as I was so giddy , yet trying to play it 'cool' and I didnt want to make her feel uncomfortable.
She likes to paint, craft and make jewelry. She told me she is originally from Oklahoma and her daughter lives in Sacramento.
She doesn't have a computer but her daughter does, so hopefully she will be looking this up on the web.I thanked her , and told her how beautiful she is and went on my merry way.
Okay , now I what I really wanted to do..Is go sip some tea with her and become friends immediately! :)

Sue 6.

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flaming hag folkwear said...

i found her and your post! yay!

i know the blog thing is an icebreaker, but you were still really brave to approach her. i am so glad that you did, though, and that you shared it with us.