Wednesday, December 28, 2011

some one needs to pull their broom out of their bum

jesus and mary on a stick. today was a hard day to accept. my husband and i have never been tested so hard before until this past summer. it was quite scary actually. for the past 7 months my left eye dries up and throbs with pain anytime the "issue" at home is well , an issue. i am not gonna dump a ton of boring information on you. all i have to say is that it will be over this weekend. the issue will be gone, the air will be smudged and my couch will be thrown away.

also, once we have a solstice or an equinox my period that follows is always late and very intense. my sensitivity heightens to anger , sympathy and body detoxification. So, I guess you can say right now I am short circuiting a little bit. 

the work day was tough too. fussy customers, text argument between 2 people, I was so hungry I didn't want to eat, and my car is to low for me to get out of with my shoes and leather jacket on!! Grr. 

But today turned out to be quite lovely as well! My friend Bella Q of the Citizen Rosebud stopped in for some love- crush chat that I have been dying to hear. Also the great creative opportunities she is being presented with for 2012! She was glowing with hope and some good lovin' 

later on the night, nicole came in the shop to add some more of her bad assness to the shelves. she gifted me a big bag of her famous vegan chocolate chip wonder cookies,  a new 3 tiered necklace with chain, and a book to get lost in (asap). she also gave me a lift home , so I could avoid paying for a taxi! i love this broad. she always makes me laugh my ace off!

so ,  i'm home. the cookies are gone and all i want to do is cry. so , i pop in practical magic and have a wonderful night of love, witch , magic talk. 
ooh, and i totally cried . 

i better publish this before i decide to erase it because i probably look like a big ol fat baby. but sometimes, you just gotta scream it out!

oh right. outfit post. i am wearing this..

when the day has gone to bed and i have washed away my woes, i must say i am so thankful for my girlfriends. i am so lucky to have such a strong tribe of ladies in my life.
shout out time! kara, annimal, nicole, bella q, claire and sara. i love you.


Teeny said...

geez. I'm so embarrassed "Practical Magic" is one of my favourite movies OF ALL TIME, and I feel like maybe I should have grown out of it by now. But I haven't. And I'm so glad to hear you like it too. yes. tomorrow is always better. hope your next day is a good one.

fabulousjunk said...

Sorry to hear about your "issue". I hope everything goes well. I hate that saying "when it rains it pours", but yet it's so true. On a positive note, your hair and outfit look freakin' amazing as always. Better days are a coming :)


theequinebovine said...

thanks girls. i feel better . i went and saw one of my favorite bands last night (X) and I sang, screamed , danced and drank my crappy days away!

annimal said...

Girl! You are a treasure to me, and I'm sorry that shit has been so crazy! You know I always wanna hear you vent, and I really appreciate the support you give me when I do the same! 2012 is gonna be epic, with more creativity love and magic than ever before! Thanks for inviting me on your journey, and for being an amazing friend!

annimal said...

oh, plus your outfit is badass, as expected! That close up with the necklace detail rox!

Porkchop Rules said...

Girl I love chattin it up.....soon the issue will be just a memory and you got through it. Hang in there....I bought you some "eggs" I heart you crimson sista

the Citizen Rosebud said...

you are amazing. and that, my friend is a gross understatement.

sacramento said...

You look stunning.
I make sure to keep a closer look to you and your blog in 2012.
I am adding you to my blogroll inmediately.
Check your WORD VERIFICATION, please, please!!!

Six Six Sick said...

That jacket is sick! I love the print!

mo marie said...

that jacket of yours is amazing! I love how you paired it so nicely with those awesome necklaces! So stoked to follow your blog girl! you are beautiful.
love mo!

Milla said...

Sweetness! I've been out of the loop (no computer) for too long, but it's wonderful to see your lovely face. I'm sorry for all the hardships you've been having and am sending some loving energy your way.

theequinebovine said...

I Have the best circle of lady friends!! Hugs n' kisses all around! !

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