Sunday, December 18, 2011

look for the Union Label

I recently found a vintage deadstock Nicole Miller dress.  I first saw the crumpled ball in a pile of clothes at a local thrift store. I pulled it up, and before I could release it from its pretzel pose, I could tell by the fabric and pattern that this was going to be special. I brought it home, steamed it out and freaked out! It does has an 80's vibe, but the unique cut stands beyond the rest. I wanted to unleash it once my birthday shoes arrived, so there was a few days of waiting and panting.

Once I slipped this over my head, I noticed that the original I.Magnin tags were still attached!
OMG! I love collecting vintage clothing tags and labels. I didn't cut it off because I wanted to show my crimson sisters how cool it was.  The tags are still secretly pinned under the right cuff , and I won't clip it until I carefully wash the dress.

 Vintage Nicole Miller tag. Union label  poking out from underneath.
 Size 12 tags is about size 8 for a modern day lady. 
 I feel like we just left the 90's. No siri-bobski. Beverly Hills , 90210, and this dress are now considered Vintage!
I only dream of who #642436 was. I bet she was a classy lady with a questionable hair do.

Sing it !

Dress: Local Thrift
Shoes: Solestruck
Necklace: Flaming Hag Folkwear
Jacket: Atelier 


Teeny said...

Great outfit. That is one cool dress, and it looks good with the FHF neckwear too.

theequinebovine said...

Thanks, Teeny!

Violet Folklore said...

Oh KD, the dress is perfect for you! You're a dreamboat. And thank you for the union videos! I reposted one on facebook, they're amazing!

Porkchop Rules said...

You look so chic girl! Keep the dress!

theequinebovine said...

That dress is definitely staying with me for awhile, until I make the mistake of reselling it. :)) I love those old union vids.