Sunday, November 27, 2011

lightning strike

Nicole of Flaming Hag Folkwear has created another master piece of art for me. I am so in love with the splattered gold paint on the black leather spears.
I am now greedy and want one in silver, and mixed tones! 
Cluster Beaded necklace was a Porkchop Rules find and the gold name necklace 
I got for my 30th Birthday . I am soooo Sex and the City!

Life is good at the shop. The sales for my vintage clothing and finds is slowly increasing every month.
I am finding a good shopping pattern for the right days and time. Also, hitting up all of my secret spots regularly has helped me budget more cautiously.

My birthday is coming up . This means it is a day that gives me an excuse to buy yummy presents for myself with out having to rationalize for them. My list is very long. But I have shaved it down to my TOP 3!

1. Zana Bayne 2 wing leather harness. I want to wear this every day to work with the tallest shoes possible. I feel it will help me feel like I am less human and more dragon. Is that true? yes, yes it will be.
PS. I have been following her blog for quite some time. Check out Garbage Dress.

2. Shoes. Dur. I have about 4 now that I am working off of. I have to cut it down to two. Which won't be hard..But which ones?? 

3. About 32 different choices of my favorite Alexander McQueen

4. (Scratch #3. That is pure idiot fantasy)

5. I would really like for my mom, and my husbands mom to learn how to be independent , strong women. To open up shut doors with in themselves and see the beauty and capability that they truly have.

Hope you are all having a joyous beginning to the holiday season! I know I am :)

Take care


flaming hag folkwear said...

you look so serious in that close-up, it makes me giggle!
needless to say, i love the outfit and i am so happy that you are doing well as part of c&c.

Milla said...

Love it!I can't wait to visit C&C again with your wares there as well. I literally dream about shopping there. That's pretty Sex and the city right, dreaming about shopping...
Hope your birthday is awesome, just like you!

theequinebovine said...

HEEHHAA! I do look so serious! After I saw the foto , I realized that I look liked the Terminator! Thanks for your endless support , love and awesome donations from your closet , Nicole. Girl, you are rad and make me laugh!

Milla, sweet face! How are you! Do you plan on traveling down here again!? Cuz , girl, I gotta meet you!!! Happy Holiday , sweet sister. I hope you are feeling better. *huggles*

jodache said...

Hope you get the Zana Bayne harness. And take lots of photos of it. Your red hair looks awesome!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

girl you look fierce! I love the way you look, serious or not, and I do believe you found the sweet spot for your outfit posts. The lighting is great! xo.
the Citizen Rosebud

annimal said...

Happy almost birthday!! Can't wait to see what you get and what you do with it!! Your outfit styling is ferosh, and you know I love that necklace!! I'm stoked to be able to support rad women such as yourself and make my life and wardrobe that much better!!! Thanks for doing all that you do!!

sacramento said...


theequinebovine said...

Thanks for the love ladies ! xoxo