Monday, August 22, 2011

Life as, me

Hi friends!
Well, I made the decision to change my blog name. As the days rolled into months , my blog was developing into a voice of my own. In the beginning, I was really dialing in on creating an 'Urban farm girl that looks damn fine in vintage' theme blog.  True, this will still exist but there will be more..Hopefully.
I don't like to add pressure to myself. So instead, as I said in the beginning of my blog, this will be my top layer diary. Nothing to personal , but defiantly  personality.

Life as equine bovine.
I am horse. I am cow.
I am the earth, the soil, the sun , the air.
I am a four legged soul.

Love me for who am I , as I feel awkward and tipsy in this world.

equine bovine from michael mansfield on Vimeo.

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the Citizen Rosebud said...

whatever you call your blog it reeks of your beautiful personality. i follow. always.