Sunday, June 26, 2011

Animal Children

It is honoring to me to wear animal pieces. I love to wear leather, braid my hair with mammal rib bones, drape vertebrae across my chest and accent my features with feathers. I find people questioning me often why I choose to do this, when I clearly am an huge lover of animals and live by a veggie diet.
I never purchase new leather , fur or an excess amount of the feather craze. All my bones that I have in my house have been found by me, or gifted by a friend. 
When I assemble an animal part on my body, I feel a kinship. I feel more alive and connected with what is 'out there'. I transform my heart into whom I am wearing.
 Skull was found in the desert of Texas . Gifted from Chuck.
Leather fringe shrug:Crimson and Clover
Rose sweater clips: Snowline Hospice
Denim Jumper: Thrift Town
 Tons of Turkey feathers found in a secret spot, Fairfield Ca. Home to Peacocks in the trees, and tough Turkey gangs.
 Falcon Necklace from the new Goodwill  in Midtown
Animal Vertebrae on gold chain
 Gifted today from Uncle Rick. He is always on the look out for me. 2 for $5.00

 Antler shipped from Austin Texas from my honey.
 Another gift from Uncle Rick. Horse skull , $1.00

Have a wonderful summer everyone!
Have fun in the sun, get laid in the shade, right?


the Citizen Rosebud said...

I love how your cherish your relics. thank you for sharing.

flaming hag folkwear said...

we are sisters with the animal thing, so needless to say that i love all your treasures.

and congrats on your first sale at the shop! cheers to it being the first of many!

Clare said...

Bones and feathers have an interesting power. I've found lots of deer bones and feathers. I boil the deer bones (they smell weird) and make little pieces of jewelry out of them. I like to imagine that piece of bone working inside of a very alive animal, walking around doing it's animal business. Bones seem to have a vitality even after they are stripped.

The skulls are awesome :)

Sadie Rose said...

Dang girl! Loving your collection and the tales behind it all. And your falcon necklace is RAD times 1000!!