Monday, January 10, 2011

St. John, save my skin!

Today I walked into the COOP  with the intention on buying some super charged facial moisturizer.
I speed walk into the Wellness department, and I am greeted by two of my favorite COOP friends.
'Bonnie! Ang! Help this woman in distress. My face is a freaking corn flake and I can't keep my skin hydrated! What moisturizer should I buy?' Bon asks me If  have tried a couple remedies around the house, and I have. 
Nothing, nada , zip, zilch have worked. 
Bonnie also suggests that I apply St. Johns Wort Oil. According to Susun Weed, it is an excellent skin moisturizer and can be used for a natural sunscreen.

"Contrary to popular belief, St. John's wort does not cause sun sensitivity - it prevents it. It even prevents burn from radiation therapy."

I harvested 3 bags full along the river two summers ago. I have had it steeping in Almond and Olive Oil ever since tonight.

 St. John and her 'do' rag.
 Sanitizing the bottles, boiling out the yuckies.

 Curious Baby Birdie.
 Filtering out the oil from herb.
WOW! 2 summers of steeping brought this beautiful deep red oil.
 Ooo la la.
Now, she will hang out and rest for a couple of days.

Listening to: Hank Williams 
Eating: Toast


the Citizen Rosebud said...

oooh! looks beautiful. would love to try some.

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Oh you betcha! Ill make some for you. <3

Violet Folklore said...

St. John is my boyfriend! We make at least a gallon every summer. It is by far my most used herbal remedy. I apply it all over my body every few days. I find, especially in winter, that it is deeply warming, penetrating way down with the full strength of the sun's energy. And it relaxes me more than anything I've ever eaten, swallowed, drank, or smoked. Kami said that even just applying plain olive oil (or any oil or fat) is highly relaxing to the nervous system. Plus St. John's is specific to relaxing muscles. Heaven. Yayyy Kerry!
And thank you for your comment on my blog. I will be in your band if it means spending more time with you! In my mind we frolic together all day in pretty dresses, drinking beer, singing songs.

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Amber, you just brought me to tears. No joke.

Porkchop Rules said...

I want to try. Amber you gave me a great idea for using it on sore musles.great post

flaming hag folkwear said...

Um, how cool are you? (Really really cool, by the way).

P.S. it was good to see you last week at the shop. I felt bad that I didn't talk to you more, but I was really distracted and a little flustered with all the activities going on. Please forgive me.

andrea littlebighead said... it! must make some st. john's wort oil too! it looks amazing and sounds like it's pretty amazing. thanks for amber for sharing your link (and for her very informative comment above)!

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Thanks yall! Stay tuned for St. Johns summer salve :)