Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Citizens of Rosebud

Now, shop!

Citizen Rosebud Black Friday sale.
Parking was a breeze!

Up theses stairs , lies a studio flat stocked with 4 rooms of vintage and handmade clothing.
Can you hear my heart race?
Hello! My sweet lindsay of 'Lindsay Lindsay 23'
What a god damn goddess she is.
Lindsays future creations will be made from this...
and fashioned together with that...
I could hardly breathe when I walked in . The studio had the best light, great flow and sweet loving energy racing thru it. I didnt know where to start , so I ran around like JoJo the circus monkey for a few minutes.

RQ giving the tour . This was the 3-5 dollar room
Another room that is not pictured had racks of 5-15 dollar items.

Vintage lingerie, coats, dresses and capes await.
Peek a boo! I see vintage shoes!

With every purchase receive a cup of Chamomile tea, potato and egg plate.
Oh , I cant forget about the massage! 
I felt like a Queen!
The Goddess and her costumes that were custom made for the Pamela Hayes Ballet Troupe of Sacramento Ballet. A night of Ballet performed to live music in 4 acts. It was incredible!

My first Lindsay Lindsay 23 purchase. Huge lover of reconstructed lace!

A Citizen Rosebud ordinal. RQ informed me that this was one of her very first designs!
I have been so inspired to wear floral garments . Possibly because I feel like I bloom during the low sun months, or influenced by RQ's recent Essence of Fall event at Vogue gone Rogue.

If some one asked me what is your inspiration for what you wear everyday , I would say "nature, birds, animals, plants,mountains, rivers, rocks , fish, streams, clouds, soft dirt, pine cones, Shoshone tribes, fur, cabins, bears, cords of wood, the desert ,over grown gardens, plaid and lace." Truly, the list is infinity. I know that is a big mess of nothing, but to me it brings a dream of country life to my city livin'.
So when I spotted this purse, I instantly thought of a fishing creel! How wonderful. Now when I wear it, I think about sitting by the river bank, fishing for tonights dinner.

 To see more photos of the Citizens of Rosebud Grand Opening weekend,  click here!

Listening to, my dogs wrestle
Eating , peppered goat cheese, fig jam on baguette slices



the Citizen Rosebud said...

Oh Kerry, I SO LOVE this post. You took such incredible pictures, of Lindsay, of the shop, of the goods! Thank you so much! Your energy is such a motivator to follow my dreams and believe in my vision. I seriously couldn't do it without you, boo! xo. -Q

the Citizen Rosebud said...

PS: Can I get permission to re-use these pics? I'd like to put them on FB in the CRs album and perhaps a few for my bloggy.

Forevermelody said...

great post!!!

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Thanks gals! I am so in love with this vintage shopping pad..Q, please take whatcha need <3

the Citizen Rosebud said...


sacramento said...

Wonderful post. I do wish I had been there with you. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA