Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Damn ! I love thriftn'.

I always say I have a shopping problem. But then, I retort back to "hey , at least I thrift. I couldn't never shop like this and stretch my dollar at a mall!"
Last year I scooped up these Snowland vintage boho faux fur boots at:Thrift Town for 5 bux! So hot out side, but I knew that these would be on my tootsie priority list.

This week , Kara from  Crimson and Clover did an awesome blog post. Inspired by the Vintage Collection from Free People Vintage Loves , she is rocking a   wrap skirt that Nicole brought in to sell in the shop . You can find a grip of them for a fraction of the price at C&C.
Browsing the vintage room , I noticed my boots !! My 5 dollar thrift town boot for sale for $178.00!! OMG! I was freaking out! Fist pumping to my score, I wore them all weekend during my camping trip.

 And my boots!!

All this talk about Crimson and Clover, I will be there this week to shmooze and shop. And hopefully score a wicked  cool wrap skirt!



YEAH WHAT A GREAT FIND! Yeah I like the style of Free People but not those prices!

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

For sure! Free People is great! I love their catalogs, and I harness a crap load of inspiration . The cool thing is , that I can recreate alot of those looks by just shopping at thrift stores and C&C. Hope to see you tomorrow! <3

Forevermelody said...

Oooh, this makes me want to go to thrift town!