Friday, July 16, 2010

"Bullets hit the bison from the train~Shots rang across the peaceful valley~White man laid his foot upon the plain

Joe "My band mate turned down a free ticket to see Neil Young , Monday night at the Fox theater"
Me "W.T.F.?"
Quickly, I jumped to find where Neil Young will be next and also questioning why the hell I didn't hear he was in town. That didnt matter, what did matter is how I can see him.
He makes me feel so free. My soul always takes a vacation of reality when his music is around. Neil Young has helped me become who I am today. My love of nature, history, music and my own self image has mirrored his lyrics into my life since I was 14.
Thanks mom for putting on his records!
Here are some pictures of last nights show at the Mondavi Center. Among this, are some of my favorite shots of him..

Photos: Sac Bee, Tumblr,Neils Garage

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the blue penny said...

"One new feature or fresh take can change everything."

glad you had a good time!